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Field Day Results

Picorams operated this FD from the ESDA building using call sign K9IYP operating class 2 Foxtrot. At the bottom is a map of the ARRL sections worked. Colored areas are the areas worked while the blank areas we did not. We heard Hawaii and Puerto Rico as well as several Maritime Mobiles, but could not bust the pile ups to work them. Conditions were very good this year. Both stations managed to work the Virgin Islands.

Operating Field Day this year:

Mike - N0PRN
Ken - KC9RAD
Sam - KA9VHQ
Greg - K9CFH
Bruce - KB9VSI
Thomas - N9GIJ
Austin - KC9DEL
Phil - KC9BSF
Chuck - KB9WEW
Steve - KA9SZW

We had several visitors including many hams and the Mayor of Monticello, Bill Mitze.

Thanks to Chuck Morris for going way out of his way to do everything possible to make Field Day a success, and Sam Brandenburg and Ken Linder for bringing in radios for our use. Thanks to Alan Sprinkle for the beautifully made hitch-receiver antenna mast support he constructed. It has become a permanent part of the MC-1 emergency equipment collection. Thanks to Bruce Nesset purchased the club a military surplus portable antenna support system that came in very handy and has also joined the permanent emergency equipment collection in MC-1. He also was spotted taking pictures. Fred Siebold wrote and delivered our "media release" to the local paper. Virginia Dahms updated the website to promote the event.

Nomination for Most Hard Core Operator must go to N0PRN whose truck became an antenna mast support for the duration of the event. Mike was on site for the entire event, sleeping just a couple of hours in his truck! He also provided a cooler of beverages and organized the evening pizza run. All this was after working the parade earlier in the morning and helping tune the new antenna on the roof of the EOC.

10 operators worked a total of 355 contacts:
80m - 59
40m - 134
20m - 147
15m - 12
10m - 3

We worked 27 other EOC operations.

Our score:
355 x 2 = 710    power multiplier 2 for less than 150W
100 x 2 = 200    emergency power bonus
               100    media bonus
               100    public location bonus
               100    W1AW bonus
               100    elected official visit bonus
               100    represented agency official visit bonus
                 50    submit entry on ARRL website bonus
Total points 1460

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