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Of the many experienced and accomplished ham operators in Piatt County, there is one who has achieved what very few hams ever do. Jim Coleman, KA6A, is a member of the ARRL DXCC #1 Honor Roll. Attaining the DXCC #1 Honor Roll represents the pinnacle of DX achievement. To qualify for a Mixed, Phone, CW or RTTY Number One plaque, a ham operator must have worked every entity on the current DXCC List.

KA6A has worked all 335 DXCC countries, sewing it up with North Korea in the spring of 2002. It's a rarity to see a #1 Honor Roll plaque which is why we're sharing the scan of one with you on this web site.

The DX Century Club is the premier operating award in all of Amateur Radio. The basic certificate is awarded for working and confirming at least 100 entities on the ARRL DXCC List.

The DXCC #1 Honor Roll acknowledges those operators who have worked all the DXCC countries.

To view an more detailed enlargement of the plaque, click on the photograph.

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