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Weather & Emergency
National Weather Service - Lincoln, Illinois
Central IL Skywarn
National ARES
Storm Track
Space Weather
Solar Report
Weather Spotting Training

Ham Club Web Sites & Listings
QRZ Free Listing - 9th District (Illinois, Indiana & Wisconsin)
ARRL-affiliated Clubs - Find a club near you

Ham Contest Comprehensive Information
Ham Contest Calendar
ARRL Ham Contests
Ham Comments About Contests

License Changes & Renewals the Easy Way
FCC Amateur Radio
New Hams
Vanity Call Sign Headquarters
Call Sign Database

Testing, Training, & Continuting Education
ARRL Exam Session Search
Certification & Continuting Education
Order study materials, find exam sites & dates and more and

Take Ham Practice Tests

Take More Practice Tests
FCC Ham Radio Exams
FCC Commercial Radio Exams
FAA Pilot License Exams

Audio practice of Morse Code over the Internet using your web browser

Radio Equipment
Strobe Light Direct
Amateur Electronic Supply
Nitany Scientific - Antennas
Radio Equipment and Reviews

Miscellaneous Links
FCC Main Site
FCC Amateur Radio
TriState APRS
Zulu Time
Propagation Bulletins
Public Service Comminications Manual
Ham Radio Terminology & Acronyms Defined

How Many Hams are there in the U.S.?

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